ComediandoseThe comedy hub

Enough with boredom: this is the home of comedy! Viral content, comedians, customized format: here it is difficult to hold back a laugh. You don’t believe it? Test us!

We crack you up, but we do so much more!

We create innovative and fun editorial projects for your brand. Our comedians create multimedia content with one goal: to arouse emotion through laughter.

Federica Cacciola, our creative director.

Graduated in literature and philosophy, Federica is an author, actress and presenter. She works on Italian TV (Rai3, Rai2, Fox Italy), on Italian radio (Radio Deejay) and especially on the web. Her digital projects ("Martina Dell 'Ombra"; "Good women", with Michela Giraud; "Life in quarantine" with Paolo Camilli) have exceeded 100 million views. She takes care of the creative direction of the Comedian Dose projects.

Brand with personality

We transform ideas into innovative projects, creating value one joke at a time. We make your brand personal and recognizable, building the right format to convey your uniqueness.

Mini-Series and tailored videos

Our contents are exclusive and original, without tricks or shortcuts! We take up the challenge of making your brand viral, conveying values through the power of comedy.

Placement-proof sketches

We create sketches by utilizing the trends of the moment and adding that pinch of character that makes the placement an art.